Case Study: US Fishing Vessel Undergoes Critical Upgrades to Meet RINA Class Certification

Large US fishing vessel meets RINA classification with guidance and upgrades carried out by Fusion Marine technicians.

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Commercial fishing is a high-risk industry, and regulations around the construction and operation of fishing vessels must be met. The International Maritime Organization is responsible for devising measures aimed at the prevention of accidents, including standards for ship design, construction, equipment, operation, and manning.

Out of date or poor functioning equipment on a vessel can lead to complications at sea. Although most machinery failures do not threaten the vessel or crew, in combination with other factors, such as bad weather or strong currents, the consequences could be disastrous.

Untitled design (10)-1A large US fishing vessel required her RINA classification, a certificate assigned to a ship in service upon the completion of satisfactory examination. This examination ensures the vessel is maintained and operated in such a way to minimize the risks to life, environment, and property. The crew on board were challenged and needed guidance to ensure that they were meeting all the requirements to conform for classification. There were outdated elements on the ship and critical upgrades were needed.

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Fusion Marine used their previous experience to guide the crew through the necessary processes, providing insight into how they needed to achieve RINA classification. Engineering and design work was carried out on older parts of the vessel and electrical systems, including the upgrade of the vessel’s engine alarms, vessel alarms, and emergency power.

Fusion Marine’s technicians have a distinct understanding and ability to build and document vessel upgrades, with a full range of products and services to ensure compliance with the latest government regulations. They worked directly with the inspecting agency, supplying the labor and materials for all electrical portions of the vessel.

Training on the systems installed was given, with continued support provided from Fusion Marine’s office in Dutch Harbor. From design to construction, Fusion Marine worked hand in hand with the fishing vessel’s crew to develop the solutions they needed to gain their class certification.


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"We used our previous experience to work with both the inspection agency and the client to reach their end goal. Our team documented the whole process from start to finish, ready to be presented to class."
– Philip Terrile, Director of Commercial Service at Fusion Marine
Blog Icon Master 2021_ResultTHE result

Once the upgrade had been completed, the vessel proudly received her RINA class certification. Fusion Marine’s team was there from the start, pulling cabling to updating emergency services, ensuring the crew could continue to find their catch efficiently and safely.

“We used our resources to bring the vessel to RINA standard, keeping to the agreed schedule. We’ll continue to ensure the vessel and crew have access to our support services.” - Philip Terrile

Classed ships are subject to periodical surveys. Fusion Marine continues to provide ongoing support, ensuring the vessel is fully maintained and up to date with regulations.


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