NIC4 to Develop MPRS Component for U.S. Space Force EM&C System

TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 20, 2022NIC4, a division of Network Innovations, has been awarded the development of the Mission Profile Registry Service (MPRS) component for the United States Space Force (USSF) satellite communications Enterprise Management and Control (EM&C) system.

The MPRS will combine with the Service Provider Registry (SPR) previously awarded to NIC4, to form an authoritative and consistent data foundation for EM&C applications. The scope of this award will result in a pre-operational prototype developed using agile methodology and hosted on a cloud-based platform. It will bring key design and architectural issues into focus and provide a means to demonstrate EM&C concepts and features that can quickly evolve into an initial operational system.

"We greatly look forward to our continued collaboration with USSF’s Space Systems Command and are proud to be part of transforming the EM&C vision into a core capability for the DoD’s Fighting SATCOM enterprise,” says Chad Gatlin, NIC4 CEO.

Fighting SATCOM is the USSF’s comprehensive operational strategy signed into effect in 2020, to make global satellite communications more resilient against U.S. adversaries and more effective for U.S. warfighters.


About NIC4
NIC4 (part of the Network Innovations group of companies) is a satellite communications integrator focused on the provision and support of systems that enable the U.S. government to stay connected, anywhere. Incorporated in 2011 as the Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4) division, NIC4 drives communication and connection solutions capitalizing on a team of industry professionals strategically located globally. NIC4 specializes in the successful development and delivery of turn-key communications solutions for the military, public safety, and government agencies. Integrating cellular, terrestrial and satellite communication technologies, NIC4’s value lies in its ability to custom design and deliver agile and secure mission critical connectivity solutions that enable teams to Succeed. Anywhere. Please visit for more information.

About Network Innovations
Since 1989, Network Innovations has grown to be a global leader in connecting people, places, and things with always available solutions. Our dedicated specialists have the depth of training and experience to design, build, and execute the most successful technology solutions for the unique needs of government and defense, public safety, oil and gas, media, mining, utilities, maritime and recreation and leisure. We are a trusted partner empowering our clients to Succeed. Anywhere.

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