Case Study: Stratty Enterprises Gains Visibility into Their Rental Equipment

Automatic Monitoring and Control of Remote Equipment.

Blog Icon Master 2021_ChallengeTHE CHALLENGE

Stratty-Enterprises-FieldIntell-IoT-SolutionIn support of fracking operations, Stratty Enterprises has rental equipment throughout Canada. Having machinery and equipment in remote areas makes it challenging to keep track of how assets are performing and to know when maintenance is required.

For Stratty, having a solution in place that would allow their workforce to monitor and control their assets remotely would mean they could protect their high value equipment, proactively. This insight would enable them to identify the root cause of any problems and take immediate corrective action. After instances where equipment was being misused in the field, Stratty Enterprises needed an Industrial IoT solution that would improve visibility and efficiency, and reduce costs significantly.

Blog Icon Master 2021_SolutionTHE SOLUTION


Stratty partnered with Network Innovations for their aveera IIoT solution, which lets teams monitor and map the location, movement, and condition of mobile and fixed assets anywhere, in real time.

This cloud-based offering can be integrated into a control panel or can consist of a box that is simply bolted on to the selected equipment. It transmits telematics over satellite or terrestrial wireless in minutes and transfers this data to a viewing platform designed to offer a compelling user experience via smartphone or the web. This makes it easy to connect, collect, and control information from any location using predefined metrics that are specifically designed using relevant industry measures.

aveera gives the Stratty team access to:

  • Alerts if any faults are recognized
  • A constant live feed of how the equipment is performing
  • A map view of their assets
  • Accessibility from a mobile app or computer
  • The ability to take action when they see any misuse in the field

The dual mode communication on both cellular and satellite networks ensures that their operations run consistently and reliably at all times.

View a map location of your assets and monitor your assets from a digital control panel:

Control Panel-1Map View










Blog Icon Master 2021_ResultTHE RESULT

Network Innovations' aveera IoT solution has transformed the way Stratty Enterprises can view the performance of their equipment. They have been able to become more cost effective due to machinery staying out of the repair shop with maintenance only being completed when necessary.

The team can troubleshoot their assets and see helpful insights, such as engine codes, enabling them to ensure that the correct parts are ordered before going out to the field. The free smart mobile app puts this remote monitoring solution in the palm of their hand, ensuring Stratty can access their information anywhere, anytime.


Blog Icon Master 2021_Quotation MarksThe ability to log in immediately and the support before going out has been helpful. It’s a time saver and has saved thousands of dollars.
–Mitch Ternan, Owner, Stratty Enterprises




Stratty Enterprises is an oilfield rental and fluid management company, offering a selection of rentals such as trailers and communications equipment, whilst also providing water management to customers since they were founded in 2007.  The team at Stratty are driven by their dedication to provide seamless customer service and products in their industry, doing their best to ensure their wide selection of rentals can fit every budget.


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