How AnsuR Technologies’ Solutions Enable Remote Inspection Across Industries

Whether you’re an oil and gas operator or a utilities provider, you can experience seamless communication for the surveillance and management of your critical infrastructure.

Remote visual inspection is any inspection conducted from elsewhere, enabling organizations to collect, communicate, and manage data from anywhere and at any time. When health and safety restrictions challenge business continuity, remote inspection tools provide real-time insight with the same level of detail as sending a technician out to site to capture and send back visual data.

The last year has led companies around the globe to experiment with new ways of working flexibly. The demand for digitally distanced surveys and inspections has escalated, with companies across many industries seeking quicker and more cost-effective ways to enhance their operations and increase the safety of their workers.

AnsuR’s software – ASIGN and ASMIRA – enable visual data collection and communication, aiding energy, mining, agriculture, and utilities operators in managing their assets.



Staying Informed Via Visual Collection & Communication

Information is observed in the field, captured, and communicated to the decision makers, usually by voice or text. However, often the fastest method to provide a situational picture is through the capture and sending of precise video and photos, moving from one operational phase to the next - efficiently.

AnsuR-ASIGN-Product-e1620246977540With access to data with a simple click, AnsuR’s software solutions allow you to send high resolution photos or stream video in real-time – a flexible alternative to conventional inspection methods. This helps organisations make rapid tactical and operational decisions and enables interaction where a remote expert can guide a field observer to capture the most relevant content. For example, by using AnsuR’s ASIGN, utilities providers can capture and send high precision inspection site photos and videos to subject matter experts. Innovative, right?

ASMIRA-Online-1Given that the background of AnsuR’s software development lies in disaster management, organizations with private disaster or emergency prevention procedures can also benefit from the use of these solutions. For situations when physical inspection isn’t possible, AnsuR’s ASMIRA provides situational awareness, streaming high precision video at rates down to 100 kbps or even lower.


100x Faster Visual Information & 99% Cost Savings

Network Innovations provides organizations across industries with seamless communication for the management and surveillance of critical infrastructure. Remote inspection technology, combined with virtual experts, makes it easier, quicker, and cheaper to survey and diagnose issues.

Step into a safer and more efficient future. AnsuR’s software suite can positively impact efficiency while reducing operational costs and more importantly, human risks.

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