Network Innovations Sponsors the Innoptus Solar Team in World Solar Challenge

Network Innovations remains the Innoptus Solar Team's connectivity partner, for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023. 

Three months have passed since the Innoptus Solar Team triumphantly crossed the finish line at Australia's Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, clinching the gold medal for the second time.

Team communication played a crucial role in their strategy, proving to be a key factor in their winning outcome during the race. Network Innovations took pride in being an official sponsor, providing the technology and support needed to communicate in the remote landscape of the Australian outback.

Equipped with two Thales MissionLINK 700 terminals, powered by Iridium® Certus, the team could stay online regardless of the region and events on the ground.

“During our project, it not only about building a solar car. It’s also about thinking how we can get the solar car through the Australian outback safely, as a lot of unexpected events can happen. For example, if there’s surprising weather conditions, it’s important that our support vehicles can obtain this information and change our strategy accordingly,” said Bo July, Public Relations at the Innoptus Solar Team. “Connectivity during the race is a necessity for anticipating unexpected challenges.”

Hear from the Innoptus Solar Team:


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