Network Innovations Announces Merger Between US & UK Government Business Units

Network Innovations announces a newly aligned business unit between US and UK Government divisions.

Network Innovations is profoundly excited to announce the merger between our United States Government and United Kingdom Government business units into one market-facing force, further aligning our nations’ historically combined efforts regarding defense, military, and intelligence endeavors. The newly aligned business unit is simply branded as ‘Network Innovations US and UK Government.’

The military, defense, and intelligence relationship between the US and UK is characterized by a deep-rooted partnership, based on shared values, common interests, and a commitment to global security. This alliance serves as the cornerstone of stability in an increasingly complex and uncertain world, resulting in a cooperative venture concerning numerous military and defense initiatives, including intelligence sharing, joint military exercises, coordinated operations, and defense procurement of shared technologies and equipment.

Our nations’ illustrious relationship has proven to be one depicted by continued endearment and fervor. Stemming from an early collaboration during the rudimentary warfare of World War I, through to the modern-day cutting-edge conflicts of the 21st century, our two countries have fought alongside each other against our common adversaries, forging a partnership that has remained relentless and continues to play a crucial role in global security.

“Both countries are founding members of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), a collective defense alliance that aims to safeguard the security and freedom of its member states. As NATO allies, the United States and the United Kingdom work collaboratively to deter potential threats, provide mutual defense assistance, and contribute to peacekeeping operations worldwide.” - Tony Talbot, Vice President Network Innovations UK Government

“The merging of our mission-centric US and UK Government business units not only enhances the close and historical partnership between our Countries, but it also signifies the Network Innovations Group’s investment in the global peacekeeping missions across the defense, military, and intelligence industry. We are excited about the continued successes we will surely experience as a combined force in the market.” - Chad Gatlin, CEO Network Innovations US & UK Government        


About Network Innovations

Network Innovations is a global technology integrator that keeps people, places, and things connected anywhere in the world with always-available communications and networking solutions. Its customers operate in industries including government and defense, public safety, oil and gas, media, mining, utilities, recreation, and maritime. Established in 1989, Network Innovations is headquartered in Calgary, Canada, and employs over 250 industry experts across five continents. For more information, please visit

For further information, please contact:                                                                     

Ken Wilson, VP, Marketing 

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