Mission Critical Push-To-Talk: Bridging Old and New for First Responders

Public safety entities, alongside those developing solutions for them, must strive to ensure interoperability between any device, service, or system they are building – while maintaining reliable and resilient communications. 

The goal of mission-critical communication systems is to reduce first responders' reaction time in emergencies across multiple agencies, increasing their resilience to disruption. In the past, agencies were forced to choose between systems that worked over a wide area or those that could be accessed in a more limited capacity. Now, first responders have equal access to the same level of communication capabilities – regardless of their location.

Mission Critical PTT has provided Land Mobile Radio (LMR) users with a steady migration path to 4G(LTE), 5G, and satellite networks while retaining their existing capabilities for robust group communication. Like the migration from analog to digital LMR technology, public safety entities stand to benefit from adopting the latest advancements in communication - preserving the reliability of older systems while unlocking the enhanced capabilities of newer ones.

Bridging the Gap Between LMR, LTE (5G), and Satellite

In no other industry is evolution more inevitable than satellite technology. 

While LMR solutions have remained relatively unchanged for 35 years, they excel in providing trusted, reliable comms. Yet, it was designed with a focus on voice. Fortunately, the integration of 3GPP (LTE and 5G) technologies offers a solution to overcome the limitations in data transfer, significantly expanding the capabilities of current LMR systems. 

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is a global standard body, working to build standards for cellular services that support a consistent user experience. It’s a key example of evident progression within Mission Critical PTT (MCPTT) and changes the way public safety agencies interoperate between different technologies.

As technology integrators, our mission is clear: to design networks that cater to both current needs and future technologies. Recognizing the unique requirements of public safety and emergency responders, we purposefully architect services and solutions tailored to support their everyday operations and PACE plan. The evolution of an LMR, LTE, and satellite-integrated solution, underscores our ongoing commitment to maintaining robust communications while bridging the gap between disparate technologies.

Radio-over-IP (RoIP) provides a simple, reliable, and low-cost option for integrating LMR and LTE networks – enabling the interface of all two-way radio technologies, regardless of frequency bands. At Network Innovations, we collaborate closely with you to understand your P25 voice and data needs. This involves building a RoIP network environment, where we establish the framework for transcoding, compression, and other essential RoIP infrastructure components crucial for enabling Mission Critical Push-To-Talk functionality.

Together, we pave the way for safer, more efficient emergency response operations, ensuring that communities are always protected, no matter the challenges they face. 

Steve Hailey RIL PR Speaking 1 cropFind us at IWCE:

Steve Hailey is playing a key role in driving Network Innovations' PTT initiatives. As a featured speaker at the 2024 IWCE conference, Steve will delve into how combining older technology with new, emerging solutions can offer a budget-friendly roadmap for organizations looking to enhance their operations' resilience – both now and in the future.

Here's more on Steve’s session:

Mission Critical Push-To-Talk Using Terrestrial and Satellite for First Responders
Thursday 28, 2024
2:50 – 3:20 PM

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduce new technologies related to RoIP and Mission Critical PTT
  • Help attendees transition from older (non-IP) to newer (IP) PTT technologies without having to do a forklift upgrade.
  • Show attendees how different Mission Critical PTT technologies can interoperate with each other in a vendor-agnostic format.


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