Keeping your Business Online with Backup Communications

While events like hurricanes, wildfires and renegade bombers cannot be controlled, you can ensure your business is prepared for emergencies with redundant backup communications. 


It may sound trite to remind you of the definition of “emergency” but let’s: “a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.”

As these unplanned events go, emergencies – man-made or climate and weather related – devastate infrastructure, take human life and come without warning. The cost to businesses is crushing, when communications networks go down, productivity and revenue follow suit.

A Christmas Day bombing in Nashville brought down wireless service across parts of Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama. This single incident caused Nashville International Airport to ground flights temporarily, disrupted cell service and some 911 networks. Internet outages caused by the explosion left major retailers unable to process credit card transactions – on Christmas Day. Imagine the financial implications.  

While events like hurricanes, wildfires, and renegade bombers cannot be controlled, you can ensure your business is prepared for emergencies with redundant backup communications.

Why Backup Communications are Essential

Nearly every business and public entity is reliant on its voice and data connections to the outside world. When these connections are cut out, the ensuing results can be costly. According to Gartner, the average cost of network downtime is $5,600 per minute. To do the math, that’s over $300,000 per hour. Network downtime not only brings business to a halt, but can also result in reputational damages, regulatory compliance penalties, and other issues which can cause downtime dollar amounts to swell.

The key to preventing downtime is having network redundancy systems and backup communications ready to deploy. Network redundancy refers to additional instances of network devices and lines of communication, to minimize and eliminate points of failure that could otherwise disrupt or bring down an entire system.

By adding additional network devices, equipment, and communication mediums to your network infrastructure, you ensure there is a fail-over system ready to engage when emergencies strike. With multiple data paths between network locations, if one fails, an alternate is readily available. Like a backup power generator, a backup communications & network redundancy system kicks in when it is needed most to support business continuity and critical operations.

Backup Communications & Connectivity Via Satellite

Among the most resilient backup communication and network connectivity solutions are satellite-enabled solutions. Unlike land-based systems, satellites are the only wireless communications infrastructure not susceptible to damage from disasters. Why? Because the main repeaters sending and receiving the signals (on the satellite) are located outside of the earth’s atmosphere.

Violent winds can take down a cell tower or the power supply to it. Torrential rains can flood switching equipment. Wildfires and wild people can destruct landline communication infrastructure. Satellite communications are independent of both terrestrial and wireless network infrastructure providing a robust and reliable solution for quick deployment during disasters. When communication is most crucial to ensure your people are safe and your critical operations remain running, satellite connectivity can come to the rescue.

Network Innovations helps businesses remain online with resilient network solutions and backup communications using satellite, radio, cellular and hybrid data configurations. From end-to-end managed network services to custom connectivity solutions that integrate with existing technologies and workflows. Our network design engineers provide critical voice and data connectivity tailored to your business’ requirements.

Stay operational, stay connected, and stay safe when emergencies arise with a solid network and backup communications system.

Contact Network Innovations to learn how we can keep your business stay online in dire situations.

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