Use Case: Keeping Remote Media Crews Connected

Report from anywhere with Satcube Ku, powered by Intelsat Flex.

Connectivity you can count on to capture and cover events is crucial to news agencies and content providers around the world. From remote production and outside broadcasts to sports event coverage, broadcasters need reliable connectivity to manage their requirements and provide the best quality of service.

In today’s broadcasting environment, the ability to deliver news from wherever events are breaking is essential. Keeping crews connected to control rooms from remote locations, help send and share stories around the world. Together, Satcube Ku powered by Intelsat Flex, provide a resilient manpack solution for journalists on-the-move, connecting users globally in hard-to-reach locations. This innovative terminal is a compact, user-friendly device that makes operation simple. No engineers, no complexity.

Over the years we have seen a change in the media sector. Journalists are required to work remotely now more than ever, freed by evolving technology to deliver news directly from the field. This means that operators require access to the internet, email, and file transfers from wherever the story breaks. Flex provides voice, data, and video connectivity, enabling consistent delivery and global coverage. Lone reporters can remain in contact with their crew and ensure communications remain intact, even when terrestrial networks go down.

Partnered with Satcube Ku, the least cost terminal in Flex’s portfolio, this solution enables crews to quickly establish high-speed communications. Manpack units can be carried on foot and are specifically engineered to meet the real-time connectivity needs of remote personnel. When time is of the essence, Flex is a communications game changer.

To be the first to tell the story, high-speed and reliable connectivity is non-negotiable. For decades, Network Innovations has supplied dynamic and resilient connectivity to news outlets, events, and remote production teams around the globe. Leveraging
the full Intelsat network of more than 50 satellites Satcube, powered by Flex, provides a solution to keep pace with evolving communications needs, ensuring news agencies can share, stream, and
Succeed. Anywhere.

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