Case Study: Heliskiiers Remain Safe & Connected Via Satellite Solution

From the height of the slopes, Mattias Cöster and his team at Arctic Elements, stay safe and connected in locations far beyond cellular coverage. 

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Heliskiing is off-trail, downhill skiing, or snowboarding reached by helicopter, instead of by a traditional ski lift. Pushing the boundaries of exclusive skiing, the activity was commercialized in Canada by combining lodging, transport, and guiding – an idea that would later spark the interest of outdoor adventurer, Mattias Cöster.

Arctic Elements was founded by Mattias in 2004, and is now operating a full scale heliski operation, including a team of eight mountain guides, two lodges, and three helicopters.

In December 2021, Mattias and his team led a 12-day expedition in Antarctica – a yacht-based heliskiing adventure that combines the ultimate surroundings and comfort. Combining thrill and luxury, this unique heliski concept enables their clients to discover the landscapes of the 7th continent from the deck of their privately chartered superyacht.

Extreme adventuring around the globe requires easy-to- use, reliable communications to ensure personal safety. Being immersed in one of the most remote areas of the world, Mattias’ commitment to safety is paramount. Following Arctic Elements motto, “Low Risk, Satisfied Clients”, their team required an always available satellite connection to communicate back to their base and loved ones at home.

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Coldhouse-Pelorus-2021Antarctica-AdditionalEdits-5225Safety on the slopes is the main priority for the mountain guides. Having previously partnered with Network Innovations, they were the first point of call for an effective connectivity solution.

With a satellite connection, adventurers don’t need to worry about difficult coverage in remote areas. Network Innovations provided airtime across four of Mattias’ Iridium® Extreme 9575 satellite phones, ensuring two-way communications at the push of a button. Utilizing the global reach of the Iridium network, the team at Arctic Elements was able to easily use their familiar equipment at even the highest altitudes. Paired with Network Innovations’ 24/7 support, the network performed seamlessly and provided reliable connectivity on the slopes and back at base.

“We make use of the satellite phones daily when on our expeditions. We’re able to communicate back to the vessel that we’re safe and the heliski run is going according to plan. The team and our clients can also reach home to update family and friends of their adventure.” – Mattias Cöster, Founder of Arctic Elements

Over 12 days, the group skied, hiked, and chartered their way across the Antarctic. Leveraging this satellite solution, they felt safe and connected to family while in a remote location well beyond cellular coverage.


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"Everything went according to plan. It was a great trip! Thank you to Network Innovations for ensuring our team can stay connected."
– Mattias Cöster, Founder of Arctic Elements
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Coldhouse-Pelorus-2021Antarctica-AdditionalEdits-6026For almost 20 years, Arctic Elements has worked to bring their heliski operation to the highest level, and utilizing the Iridium network, have always remained connected.

With robust communications in hand, Mattias and his team were able to solely focus on the journey ahead, sharing their location and information while keeping family and friends closely involved in the adventure. Equipped with emergency response features, such as a one-touch SOS button, the group were able to summit and ski with complete peace of mind.

Network Innovations looks forward to seeing what expeditions await Arctic Elements, as they continue their mission to provide adventure, luxury, and to Succeed. Anywhere.


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