Case Study: Empowering Mission-Critical Data Transfer Across Oceans With LEO & GEO Services

Network Innovations U.S. Government engineers solutions to meet unique, mission-critical customer requirements. For this specific project, that meant creating a secure multi-transport communication solution to facilitate vital data transfer to land-based client headquarters from vessels navigating the oceans.

the Challenge

In February 2022, Network Innovations U.S. Government was contacted by a customer that required LEO and GEO satcom services for the timely transfer of intelligence to mission-critical clients from the sea. Applications could involve the identification of threats or the enhancement of wartime situational awareness.
Data transfer poses challenges for every industry, but when it comes to remote file transfer from a ship to shore, there are additional obstacles to overcome. These include signal interference, harsh weather conditions, and the movements of the vessel itself. For defense services, the transfer of critical information is an absolute necessity and typically entails a complex solution to achieve success.

The Solution

MAVERICK VSAT struck the right chord with a solution consisting of:

  • Robust maritime antennas with flexible and resilient modem solutions
  • Powerful satellite connectivity with guaranteed throughput reliability for the transmission of critical data
Combined, this helps teams overcome the challenges of maritime environments, empowering seafarers with secure, scalable, and dependable connectivity for uninterrupted data capabilities.
In the months that followed the first inquiry, solution testing and installation took place. MAVERICK’s dynamic carrier technology made it possible for the client to work offshore, extending their corporate network to remote locations. For the crews operating in the oceans, an interconnect from their CONUS based Point of Presence (PoP) was established – facilitating the exchange of key intelligence and remote access to the systems deployed at sea.


These vessels are on the water every day, sending huge amounts of critical data. It was of utmost importance that the teams on board were capable of meeting their customers' requirements. Equally vital was the presence of an agile connectivity partner who could offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions for multiple projects," says Chad Gatlin, CEO of Network Innovations U.S. Government. "Following the initial deployment, our customer quickly realized the value in our solution design and delivery capabilities, adopting MAVERICK and new hardware across their fleet of vessels.

The impact

With a powerful communications infrastructure, the client experienced:

  • Improved data transfer utilizing LEO and GEO services
  • Seamless remote communications 
  • Unified support for all technologies including VSAT and L-Band solutions
For added peace of mind, the network solution is proactively monitored, with support specialists working to resolve any potential connectivity issues quickly to keep operations online.
As the partnership flourishes, Network Innovations U.S. Government embraces its responsibility in safeguarding and facilitating the seamless transmission of crucial information. The technology company upholds its dedication to its mission, exploring innovative technologies to enhance its critical offering. With an enhanced capacity, they are now better equipped to achieve their ultimate objective of establishing a resilient, secure, and mission-centric connectivity solution.

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