Connecting Mexico: Delivering Critical MicroGEO Ground Infrastructure in Partnership with Aitelecom & Astranis

In a groundbreaking move, Aitelecom, a leading Mexican connectivity services provider, has recently made waves by investing in two state-of-the-art Astranis MicroGEO satellites.

This marks a significant milestone, poised to transform connectivity across Mexico’s last-mile areas, effectively bridging the digital divide and ensuring broadband internet is available for all, irrespective of geographical location.

Now, to the project at hand. While Astranis takes charge of satellite development and management, Aitelecom has been actively engaged in securing the gateway antenna and implementing baseband technology. The satellites are due to launch in Q3 2024 and require advanced ground infrastructure to align with the high-speed, adaptable network capabilities they offer. Enter our team at Network Innovations, where our Advanced Networks division thrives on complexity.

Scott Walters, Director of Business Development for Advanced Networks, commented: “As experts in crafting robust network solutions, we accepted the challenge presented by Aitelecom and secured the contract to begin working on the antenna build. Complexity is our playground, so for challenges beyond the ordinary scope, such as this, we’re able to craft solutions beyond typical reach.”

Having been entrusted with the contract to build the antenna, the team wasted no time in getting to work. Today and in future postings, we plan to delve into the intricate details of this exciting project.

The deployment of MicroGEO satellites along with complete ground infrastructure will provide critical connectivity for 4G cellular backhaul and enterprise services across Mexico – a great stride towards delivering accessible, all-inclusive services in a region where there is a pressing need for cellular backhaul solutions.

Over the past several weeks, the Network Innovations team has been on the ground, procuring hardware and managing the installation of a 9.0m Ka antenna to support the upcoming launch. Soon, the antenna will be up and running, ready for additional testing as it transforms into a secure and strategically positioned gateway. Our team is thrilled to contribute to this project, enabling a higher level of scalability, agility, and service quality.

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Advanced Networks - 9.0m Antenna

February, 2024

Advanced Networks - 9.0m Antenna (1)-1

February, 2024


March, 2024


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